Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April BJP

I was fortunate enough to spend a whole day with some arty friends of mine and got to finish my April Angel up. She's supposed to be red but it looks like a fusion of red and fushia. Oh well! I wanted to get it up before I ran out of free time. We are on vacation from school this week and I just know it will be over before I know it! Time flies, right!?!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jan, Feb, Mar BJP

Wow, it's been a long time since I've had my computer in front of me and working. Some things take time as we all know, things do not happen in "my time". I've come back to html instead of pictures above in the post view. January is Blue, February is Pink, March is of course Green!

It's been an interesting beginning of 2010. I lost my student that I started the year off with. I knew it was happening and so bid fr another position. Lucky me, she left one day and I started working with a autistic boy the next, same school and everything. This made me happy. I love the hours for middle school. Can't say I love the kids, with their hormones raging and their attitidues testing and those who don't have real "families" hurting. It's sad but my boy has turned out to be a dream. He's high functioning and surprises me with some of the things he grasps. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is autistic. I'm lucky. (oh, my son is in the same school!, what a trip!!:)

I have January February and March journal pages to present. Not much to write about them except that they are done, I don't know how they come about except that I have the original outline and I want each of them to have a heart after that, I have no real idea what will happen. I just put one bead down and then another (Thanks Robin!)

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I'm not happy about this, I have been fighting this diagnoses for 14 years. I have finally accepted it and have moved on. I'm taking a lot of yucky drugs which I'm not happy about. It seems that my old 3:00 in the afternoon rest period has extended itself to 2 or 3 hours on some day. I find I miss a lot of the weekends resting. I have a new rheumatologist and have decided that I don't like her so I have to find a new one. At least one with a sense of humor and one who tells me that my side affects are real insead of saying, that can't possibly be happening! Yeah right lady, live in my body.

I start a new program tomorrow, unrelated to my doctors drugs. I am taking sugar and flower and salicyclates out of my diet and toiletries. And adding guiafenesn (sp). We'll see. I can't see covering up my symptems is of any use.

Sorry for venting. I guess I needed to get that out.

So I guess, my theme of angels this year is to watch over me and get me through this stuff.

I thank you all for your beautiful posts, I've been able to view a few. You are all such inspiration.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring to you all.