Saturday, August 14, 2010

August BJP

August is here and half way over. School starts for me in 2 weeks (from yesterday), personal development days. They just passed a new and improved budget for the BOE here in town. First, we're closing an elementary school and now we're not. So, we just found out that there will be lots of layoffs instead. I guess I'll know within the next two weeks if I've been cut. I think I should be ok but I'm close. Hopefully, we had a lot of retirements and people quitting.

We're off to New Hampshire tomorrow. Our first real vacation in 10 years! Where did the time go? JT was just 4 last time and didn't understand what a vacation was. Now, I'm not even sure he wants to go! :)

Thought I'd post up August's page before we went and I forgot I even did it. It's actually silver. Not sure if you can tell from the picture. Fabric is blue but all the beads are silver. The flow of the fabric just called for the flow of the beads. It was simple but it was very mindless - I mean meditative. I'm thinking white for September. Then orange, copper, gold maybe.

I've been snooping and lurking on the blogs and I love what everyone is doing. Thanks for your continued inspiration.

July BJP

Here it is, July and it's only August 14th. Actually, I finished this in July while my son was at camp. It turned out to be a wonderfully quiet and productive beading and reading week. July is supposed to be irridescent. The fabric is kind of a etheral piece of fabric that I fell in love with. It didn't not turn out as I had planned but then again, nothing ever does. It actually started with 7 beads going down the center (including the heart of course) I thought "these are the seven chakras" and it took on a mind of it's own. It was a pleasant week but I missed my boy very much and was glad to get him back, all the dirt included!