Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beading Area

Denise from the Bead Journal Project 08 suggested that we show our beading areas. So today, I took a picture of my bead tray - it's really big! No, not really, it's actually a travel size diaper wipe container that I put a matt in. It's great because I take it with me wherever I go. It fits into my purse until I switched to my small winter one, today. I bead while my son goes to TaeKwonDo. I used to just drop him off and come home but with the price of gas I now go and stay so I bead. I can bead in the car with this, too. Most of the time I bead in a recliner with my feet up. I get comfy! What's everyone else using?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September Bead Journal Project

I just finished my September BJP "page". I have decided on circles for a shape and began this month with a mirror. I am in transition and the mirror symbolizes reflection. While I was beading, I thought about turning 50 this month on the 24th (how appropriate to start a new year beading). What am I going to do for the future, career wise? How can I improve my health? How can I spend my time better? What do I really want? I guess that's what this year will be about. This was a freeing piece - totally impovised except for the mirror.