Wednesday, July 15, 2009

May Paths

Here's my May page! So, I'm only 2 months behind. Not too bad! Right? Working is putting such a damper on my beading, along with the carpal tunnel that is really acting up. Just had the nerve test done for it and so far no nerve damage so that makes me really happy. I have a doctor visit on Monday to see what I'm supposed to do. Wearing a brace 24/7 helps but it sure slows things down. It hasn't stopped me though so that's a good thing. Other than work and running around with my son, not much happens here. Summer school is going well, only 2 weeks left after this one! The weather here has just turned for the better! We had a very soggy spring and now the sun is shinning and my flowers are blooming and everything looks beautiful. This page turned out totally different from what I saw in my head to begin with. I started with the cab and took my colors from there. If you look closely, you'll see that it is kind of geometric itself. It's purple and sage green, have no clue what it is, next time I'm at the store I'll ask. I liked it because of the striations in it. I used size 6, 8, 15s and delicas.