Sunday, November 14, 2010

October BJP

I'm catching up! Only one month behind and I started it last night! Here's October, I just realized it's orange and it's kind of a fally color, so that's about as close as I can get to explaining this. I started the year off trying to do one angel a month, using a different color each month. Orange was next! I have a hard time with orange, I never really liked it but I'm getting closer. I can't believe I actually had that many different orange beads. My idea at the beginning of the year was to not buy any beads or fabric. I've done that so far. The next two months, I had to beg a friend (Miss Patty) for a scrap of fabric for the backing of each. She's an awesome artist in many media. I knew she'd have gold and copper. So now you know my next two month's colors.

As I've said in previous posts, my job as a para in the middle school here in town is draining. I am lucky I have a wonderful student to work with. This student does keep my on my toes.

Along with that, I have a almost 15 year old who is just blossoming in high school. I have the mom taxi up and running even more than ever. My schedule revolves around his, but that's ok. I realized I don't have too much more time with him before he goes off to college and really grows up. It's kind of scary. I'm enjoying the heck out of him while I have him. It goes so fast.

So my time is limited but I will finish and on time, I'm bound and determined!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

September 2010

Wow, where has the time gone? With school starting and my son's schedule, who has time for the computer. I have been beading and I just found that I didn't post September's page, so here it is. October and November are almost done so they'll be up soon, too. I can't believe that our third year is coming to a close. It seems like we just started. January starts a new year. What shape will I use then or will I do something totally different. I've visited everyone's pages and wow there are some great ideas. Maybe I'll pick one of them! I have no idea why september is white, I guess it was the color I had on hand at the time. I'm trying to use the beads that I have and not buy any for now. Same with the fabric. I'm trying to thin out the stash of stuff. My local bead store has moved and I haven't even been in it and it's been since August. That's a bit scary, I think. Things are going well here. My by at school is a joker but I've seen some really big improvements since last school year. My son continues to grow like a week. He tested for his
3rd degree black belt yesterday, it was an 8 hour test and he did AWESOME. We are so proud of him and he is too (which is even better). I've been reading lots and enjoying the heck out of it. Will post soon the rest of the year maybe!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

August BJP

August is here and half way over. School starts for me in 2 weeks (from yesterday), personal development days. They just passed a new and improved budget for the BOE here in town. First, we're closing an elementary school and now we're not. So, we just found out that there will be lots of layoffs instead. I guess I'll know within the next two weeks if I've been cut. I think I should be ok but I'm close. Hopefully, we had a lot of retirements and people quitting.

We're off to New Hampshire tomorrow. Our first real vacation in 10 years! Where did the time go? JT was just 4 last time and didn't understand what a vacation was. Now, I'm not even sure he wants to go! :)

Thought I'd post up August's page before we went and I forgot I even did it. It's actually silver. Not sure if you can tell from the picture. Fabric is blue but all the beads are silver. The flow of the fabric just called for the flow of the beads. It was simple but it was very mindless - I mean meditative. I'm thinking white for September. Then orange, copper, gold maybe.

I've been snooping and lurking on the blogs and I love what everyone is doing. Thanks for your continued inspiration.

July BJP

Here it is, July and it's only August 14th. Actually, I finished this in July while my son was at camp. It turned out to be a wonderfully quiet and productive beading and reading week. July is supposed to be irridescent. The fabric is kind of a etheral piece of fabric that I fell in love with. It didn't not turn out as I had planned but then again, nothing ever does. It actually started with 7 beads going down the center (including the heart of course) I thought "these are the seven chakras" and it took on a mind of it's own. It was a pleasant week but I missed my boy very much and was glad to get him back, all the dirt included!

Monday, July 12, 2010

June BJP

Where does the time go? School is out and I welcome some time off. Time to be creative and time to read and time to spend with friends. Now my mind is there but my body isn't quite up to some of the tasks. It's pretty bad when you have to force yourself to do something you love. That's how it is. Anyway, June's page is done and I have actually started July. We dropped our son off at Boy Scout camp yesterday and I have the whole week during the day to myself. What to do, what to do. I want to do so much but then again, I don't. Anyone ever feel like this? Suggestions are always appreciated.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I can't believe it's June and almost July. We just got out of school late last week. Those snow days sure do eat up our summer vacation. It is nice to not have to go in every day. I was lucky the second half of the year to work with a very funny autisitc boy and as it stands right now, I'll have him next year, too. Ya me! It's very hot and humid today, upper 90s and we decided that we would stay in today, so out came the beads and I finished up my May page. It sure is YELLOW! Not one of my favorite colors but that's ok. I'm still one month behind but that's ok. I'm not presuring myself, I'll get the year done just like the last 2 years. I still don't believe that we're like half way through the year! Where did this year go? I think it has speeded by because I've had my head buried in a lot of books. I am enjoying reading again. My mother is probably laughing at me because as a child, I hated to read and I was the world's slowest reader, now, I am much faster and love it. I can go through 3, 4 or more books in a week. I think I'll get a library card,it's costing me way too much for this great hobby. lol!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April BJP

I was fortunate enough to spend a whole day with some arty friends of mine and got to finish my April Angel up. She's supposed to be red but it looks like a fusion of red and fushia. Oh well! I wanted to get it up before I ran out of free time. We are on vacation from school this week and I just know it will be over before I know it! Time flies, right!?!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jan, Feb, Mar BJP

Wow, it's been a long time since I've had my computer in front of me and working. Some things take time as we all know, things do not happen in "my time". I've come back to html instead of pictures above in the post view. January is Blue, February is Pink, March is of course Green!

It's been an interesting beginning of 2010. I lost my student that I started the year off with. I knew it was happening and so bid fr another position. Lucky me, she left one day and I started working with a autistic boy the next, same school and everything. This made me happy. I love the hours for middle school. Can't say I love the kids, with their hormones raging and their attitidues testing and those who don't have real "families" hurting. It's sad but my boy has turned out to be a dream. He's high functioning and surprises me with some of the things he grasps. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is autistic. I'm lucky. (oh, my son is in the same school!, what a trip!!:)

I have January February and March journal pages to present. Not much to write about them except that they are done, I don't know how they come about except that I have the original outline and I want each of them to have a heart after that, I have no real idea what will happen. I just put one bead down and then another (Thanks Robin!)

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I'm not happy about this, I have been fighting this diagnoses for 14 years. I have finally accepted it and have moved on. I'm taking a lot of yucky drugs which I'm not happy about. It seems that my old 3:00 in the afternoon rest period has extended itself to 2 or 3 hours on some day. I find I miss a lot of the weekends resting. I have a new rheumatologist and have decided that I don't like her so I have to find a new one. At least one with a sense of humor and one who tells me that my side affects are real insead of saying, that can't possibly be happening! Yeah right lady, live in my body.

I start a new program tomorrow, unrelated to my doctors drugs. I am taking sugar and flower and salicyclates out of my diet and toiletries. And adding guiafenesn (sp). We'll see. I can't see covering up my symptems is of any use.

Sorry for venting. I guess I needed to get that out.

So I guess, my theme of angels this year is to watch over me and get me through this stuff.

I thank you all for your beautiful posts, I've been able to view a few. You are all such inspiration.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring to you all.