Monday, October 13, 2008

October BJP

I finished up my October page - I just love the blue stones in the middle - can't remember what they are blue sunstone or something like that. They have some wonderful sparkle in them. I just wanted to show them off.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calendar Dolls

In September, I joined the Calendar Doll Challenge on Beaded Art Dolls. I didn't think to post them until just now. So I'm posting September and October dolls now. They are about 4 inches tall and flat. I'm working up to 3D, not that I haven't made any art dolls before, just never beaded. I'll get ther. September is called Simplicity and October is called Harvest Pumpkin. I bet you can tell the difference:)

Gift in the Mail

Look what came in the mail! I totally forgot that I had played a blog game - show off your bead tray on Denise's blog and got these great blue beads in the mail with a nice note from Denise! Looks like November might just have to be blue. This was such a nice treat. Thought I'd show them off. Thanks Denise!