Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank You CC

Look what came in the mail - I have to admit that it came about a week ago and this is the first chance I have had to put it up on the web. I was so excited to receive this - it's a Pay It Forward gift from CC and it came all the way from Hawaii! It's a great friendship doll! It sure did bring a smile to my face when I opened it up. Thank you so much CC! I've put a couple of pictures up - front, back and a close up of the face - isn't it darling!

February BJP and Calendar Doll

I can't believe it's February already and it's almost over. I've worked for 2 weeks and guess what? I'm on vacation! Back to work next week. I'm enjoy the heck out of the kids I work with and the other women in the department. I have actually had time to bead but not grocery shop. Gotta have prioritities right? Here's my Feburary BJP and my February Calendar Doll. I decided I'd bead a flower for valentines day and the doll just couldn't be pink so purple was my next choice.

January Calendar Doll

Here's my January doll - no name as yet. I havent' finished her yet but will eventually. My girlfriend, Miss Patty, designed her. I wish I had done her justice. She was cuter on paper. She's supposed to be a fairy!?