Sunday, March 22, 2009

March BJP

Well, here's my March BJP. My only thought for this was green. I started with a green cat's eye cab and some flower beads and then there was no thought at all. I don't know which way is up or down so if you want to tilt your head either way and decide for me - that's cool. My mother always laughed at me when I said I don't like green and then I'd go and pick out green material for a quilt or a green something or other. Well, I guess this month I don't like green. Sorry to all you St. Patty Day fans. It's been a very busy month with my new job and learning all kinds of new things about autistic kids. Maybe this piece says I'm tired. Not sure - maybe someone out there can figure it out or not! No biggy. I still enjoyed putting bead and thread and needle to fabric so that's the good thing.

Spring, we think, has come to Connecticut. I have a daffodil in bloom in my window well and the crocus are about to pop! It was 50 today with a little sun. We got to hang out our clothes to dry and that's always a good thing. The days are staying light until after 7:00, so it feels like spring! Hope for a little warmer weather and some more sunshine!