Monday, June 28, 2010


I can't believe it's June and almost July. We just got out of school late last week. Those snow days sure do eat up our summer vacation. It is nice to not have to go in every day. I was lucky the second half of the year to work with a very funny autisitc boy and as it stands right now, I'll have him next year, too. Ya me! It's very hot and humid today, upper 90s and we decided that we would stay in today, so out came the beads and I finished up my May page. It sure is YELLOW! Not one of my favorite colors but that's ok. I'm still one month behind but that's ok. I'm not presuring myself, I'll get the year done just like the last 2 years. I still don't believe that we're like half way through the year! Where did this year go? I think it has speeded by because I've had my head buried in a lot of books. I am enjoying reading again. My mother is probably laughing at me because as a child, I hated to read and I was the world's slowest reader, now, I am much faster and love it. I can go through 3, 4 or more books in a week. I think I'll get a library card,it's costing me way too much for this great hobby. lol!!!