Sunday, August 30, 2009

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June 2009
Well, my computer went on "vacation" right after my last post. I can't believe I survived all that time without a computer. I missed a lot and will need to take time to visit the main blog for everyone's works of art! Let's see, school finished, I worked summer school in the autism group. My boy that I was working with got sent back to his home school without a para, so I spent the entire summer bidding on positions. Of course, seniority reigns and I was one of the last to get a job but got one. I'm moving on up to 8th grade this year but as a tutor. Less hours, more money - I win! Maybe I'll even have time to bead this year. Besides that, my son spent lots of time at his TaeKwonDo and lots of biking and hiking and camping. I had a wonderful weekend with son and hubby away. It was so nice and quiet and I could do what I wanted - beading and not feel guilty. I've been finished since the beginning of the month so I'm proud that I finished another year on time! That says a lot for me. So it was a long a stressful summer and it's just about to end. School starts on Tuesday - did I mention that my son is in the same school and same grade! He promised me that I wouldn't embarass him in the hall way - can you even imagine! Looking forward to another year, will have to decide on size and all that but for now, I think I'll work on holiday and birthday presents and get a jump on things.


Robin said...

Wow, Heidi... Lot's of news, lots of beading. I've missed you! So glad the summer went well and that you got a new position. Sounds like it was a move in the right direction for you.

I am so proud of you for finishing (on time AGAIN!). And your work is so lovely. I especially like the way you made the textural petals on the flower! How did you like working with the sequins? They're so pretty in real life, but tyrants to try to photograph. Did you name these pieces? I'm curious about June... Is there a story in that one?

Welcome back to your cyber-beady friends!

KV said...

I love these, Heidi! Best wishes for a wonderful school year (and, especially, for more time to bead).

Kathy V in NM

Marty S said...

These are beautiful! I enjoyed going back to look at your other pages. A wonderful collection.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

heidibeads said...

Hi Robin - June's circle is called Winding Trails. I think that was when I started the job bidding process and it was frustrated and I felt like I was going no where. I just followed the beads....Sequins are fun aren't they - I had to do sequins again this year because I did use them last year, too. You're right - they are little tyrants to photograph! Thanks for all your support! Heidi

Anonymous said...

Your pieces are lovely! I'm browsing all BJP blogs with every second I have to get some ideas (new to this) and love your "encrusted" look. How is that achieved? I hope to join all of you for the new year.

Julie said...

I love your work. I like that you choose many colors to work with not just your favorites. You have lots of paths and patterns to see. I just love your work. Julie C