Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Well, my computer went on "vacation" right after my last post. I can't believe I survived all that time without a computer. I missed a lot and will need to take time to visit the main blog for everyone's works of art! Let's see, school finished, I worked summer school in the autism group. My boy that I was working with got sent back to his home school without a para, so I spent the entire summer bidding on positions. Of course, seniority reigns and I was one of the last to get a job but got one. I'm moving on up to 8th grade this year but as a tutor. Less hours, more money - I win! Maybe I'll even have time to bead this year. Besides that, my son spent lots of time at his TaeKwonDo and lots of biking and hiking and camping. I had a wonderful weekend with son and hubby away. It was so nice and quiet and I could do what I wanted - beading and not feel guilty. I've been finished since the beginning of the month so I'm proud that I finished another year on time! That says a lot for me. So it was a long a stressful summer and it's just about to end. School starts on Tuesday - did I mention that my son is in the same school and same grade! He promised me that I wouldn't embarass him in the hall way - can you even imagine! Looking forward to another year, will have to decide on size and all that but for now, I think I'll work on holiday and birthday presents and get a jump on things.