Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BJP 2011

I am finally getting around to posting my 2011 Bead Journal Pages. I was behind as of June. School endend and I went to town. I was afraid that I would be behind again when school started and I was on a roll and had some creative energy flowing so I finished my "Pages". They are approximately 3" circles, I've put pins on the back and given one away, the others will be gifts for certain people. The object of this year was to use only supplies I had on hand; fabric, pinbacks and beads. I used mainly 15s with 11s on the outside on all of them. I had all except the cat for main focal pieces.

This year started when I was sitting in class with my student and the english teacher was very much into the peace sign. He was so good to my student that I decided that I would make him a pin. He wore it every day from January to June! Then I just picked up a focal pieces and beaded. So here they all are:













Of course I miscounted somehow and made an extra :)


Marty S said...

What a wonderful collection of pins! The friends you give them to will be honored. I like the way they are so varied. June is my favorite because I love the colors and the way the "wave" moves as you change colors.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

heidibeads said...

June might be my favorite too! They are my colors minus pink.

Tracey N. said...

These are amazing Heidi!! What size are they? I cant possibly pick a favorite though. I really do love the little girl under the tree. I saw your post on the BJP blog about helping. I do have something I am trying to find someone to help with. Would you be willing to make the badge for this years participants? Please let me know either way. Thanks! Tracey