Sunday, November 14, 2010

October BJP

I'm catching up! Only one month behind and I started it last night! Here's October, I just realized it's orange and it's kind of a fally color, so that's about as close as I can get to explaining this. I started the year off trying to do one angel a month, using a different color each month. Orange was next! I have a hard time with orange, I never really liked it but I'm getting closer. I can't believe I actually had that many different orange beads. My idea at the beginning of the year was to not buy any beads or fabric. I've done that so far. The next two months, I had to beg a friend (Miss Patty) for a scrap of fabric for the backing of each. She's an awesome artist in many media. I knew she'd have gold and copper. So now you know my next two month's colors.

As I've said in previous posts, my job as a para in the middle school here in town is draining. I am lucky I have a wonderful student to work with. This student does keep my on my toes.

Along with that, I have a almost 15 year old who is just blossoming in high school. I have the mom taxi up and running even more than ever. My schedule revolves around his, but that's ok. I realized I don't have too much more time with him before he goes off to college and really grows up. It's kind of scary. I'm enjoying the heck out of him while I have him. It goes so fast.

So my time is limited but I will finish and on time, I'm bound and determined!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy.


Barbara said...

I'm not an orange person either, but when something orange turns out like this, I do love it. I also love the way you put the heart in the middle. Lovely piece!

Robbie said...

Well, it still looks like you are making the most of your 'bead' time! love the 'fall' colors of this angel!

Beading Eyes said...

I love your Angels
Orange is a very hard color for me to work with sometimes to, but I am getting better at trying the colors I don't often use.
Thanks for sharing.

Cyndi L said...

I sometimes have a hard time with orange too, but I think this is really lovely :-)